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Management Partners

Rahul Rajpoot (Co-Founder & Managing Director and CIO)

Rahul Rajpoot is the Co- Founder & Managing director of AllRight Jobs. He has 10+ years of experience in international recruiting, sales, information management, human resources and marketing. Rahul Rajpoot has worked extensively in international businesses in the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Rahul Rajpoot’s primary objective for founding AllRight Jobs has been to build an organization deeply committed to being successful by making others successful in their business and career goals.

Rahul Rajpoot holds deeply the belief that success is built one job at a time, creating a reputation for capability and follow through on all levels. Rahul Rajpoot knows from experience that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things and his belief creates highly charged teams of qualified individuals. He personally creates, develops and manages the teams who will work onsite at the client entity.

Rahul Rajpoot has demonstrated ability to engage with stakeholders across multiple layers and deliver successful outcomes through infrastructure changes including procedural, technical, and cultural modifications. An accomplished communicator with persuasive skills to influence and negotiate through diverse business challenges, Rahul Rajpoot is both people oriented, technically adept and goal driven.

Rahul Rajpoot has strong business skills, working in marketing, safety, and technical information management arenas in India, the U.A. E., and the US. He is responsible for setting the overall direction of the company’s operations and identifying new opportunities and lines of business. He is also responsible for ensuring that AllRight Jobs services meet the needs of each of our clients.

Rahul Rajpoot can be directly reached at [email protected]

Regine Serrano (Co-Founder, VP & Client Servicing & Delivery)

Regine serves as Co-Founder and Administrative Partner at AllRight Jobs. Regine has over 10 years of experience in varied Human Resources functions including recruitment, skills assessment, benefits administration, and EEO. Regine also has an additional 15+ years of work and management experience in the fields of Budgets and forecasting and grant proposals.

Regine’s background lends itself to the needs of AllRight Jobs, its clients as well as employees to ensure 360* reviews and assistance. From her years in management, Regine brings problems solving skills and fosters partnerships within AllRight Jobs and internationally.

Regine is responsible for project delivery and client communications, focusing on the US. She is also responsible to ensure that undertakings of AllRight Jobs, its clients and employees are effective, profitable, and efficient and are continuing to acquire new businesses and opportunities.

When not traveling to meet with European associates and those in India or Abu Dhabi, Regine can be found working in the garden or meeting with at risk young women.

Regine resides in California where she has lived since emigrating from Germany. She can be reached at [email protected]