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Staffing & Consulting

Risk is inherent in all business activities – including hiring. Our job is to minimize and take the risk for you and to provide solid, skilled, and able human resources in return. We employ industry methods and hiring practice expertise to help you decide with of these methods will benefits you the most. AllRight Jobs provides employees in a variety of ways to meet your staffing needs. The following are our most frequently requested:


Contract employees are hired by AllRight Jobs to work for your organization on a limited duration basis for your specific, typically short-term needs but can be longer as needed by our clients.


We recruit, interview and perform due diligence to provide qualified and skilled permanent employee to companies seeking ongoing staff who will meet both your immediate needs and who can grow with your company.

Contract to hire:

Contract-to-hire employees work at your location under our employment, allowing them to prove themselves in the workplace for some months before becoming a permanent employee with your organization. This method of hiring provides a win-win solution for both your organization and the employee. If the employee is a good fit for your organization, you can hire them on. If they are not a good fit for permanent employment, the employer can terminate the contract. This creates a significant incentive for the employees to do well and prove themselves.

Processes & Systems:

Allright Jobs follows and employs recruiting and hiring processes for the current fast paced and changing business environment. We draw the best talent from the local market or farther if remote work is called for, providing the best terms and conditions for our client organizations.

Speed-enabling systems and infrastructure:

“Automated Mining Systems” are employed for continuous, around the clock searches by our recruiters, resulting in millions of Resumes for our use in finding the best employees for your jobs.

Allright Jobs Technologies Project hiring process:

For these types of projects, we use a multi-step proprietary recruitment process, casting a wide net and carefully screen applicants to provide the best highest quality available talent.

Consultant Retention:

At AllRight Jobs, we understand that satisfied consultants will perform the best work and become a more productive asset to our customers, continuing to hone their skills for the best outcomes. Increased consultant retention leads to better business value for your company and ours.

AllRight Jobs comprehensive Consultant Retention Program through:

  • PC-based relationship management tools: That keeps open the recruiter/consultant communication channels active.
  • Regular satisfaction reviews: That provide our consultants with opportunity to receive and give feedback.
  • An attractive benefits package: That includes referral rewards, and relocation assistance that keeps us competitive as an employer
  • Acquire Process: Acquiring process involves interviewing of the best possible candidates available. Our pre-screening methodologies filter candidate backgrounds and credentialing to the fullest for accuracy and authenticity. After pre-screening and interviews with AllRight Jobs, we send the best candidates to our clients for their final interview and selection process.